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American Style Quick Change Tool Post

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American Style Quick Change Tool Post

Quick change tool post that can significantly increase the work efficiency by replacing the traditional tool post. Therefore, some problems happened while trying to select the correct tool style and to install the tool post.


Quick change tool rest mainly has American style, European style and Italian style three kinds.

American style


Piston type locking tool post & GIB(Wedge) type tool post are all belongs to American style.

Usually, wedge type tool post is believed that it holds the tool holders tighter than the piston type tool post. However, the piston type tool post is somewhat cheaper than the wedge type tool post. We would recommend piston type tool posts to those who operate less heavy duty machining work to save money.


Turning and facing holder: is the most often used holder for almost all kinds of external machining blades, including external threading tools, external grooving tools, cut-off tools and knurling tools. 

Turning boring and facing holder: looks like the turning and facing holder but has a v-groove at the bottom of the holding area. This v-groove enables the turning boring and facing holder to hold a cylindrical shank tool such as a boring bar. To perform internal machining, the turning boring and facing holder is necessary. It also holds all blades that turning and facing holder can hold.


Heavy duty boring bar holder: is designed especially for cylindrical shank with a split bushing to accommodate a smaller size shank. It increases the machining efficiency somewhat.


Knurning and facing holder: generally holds the same blades as the #1 holder does, but it also has a knurling tool at one end, which is a featured function but limited the length of the blade to be held.


Universal parting blade tool holder: is for only universal parting blade and nothing else.

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