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CNC Precision Clamping Accessories Online Show Forcast

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When the spring is coming in April, we have also successfully completed two live streams on Alibaba, introducing the features of our main products and the content of our services respectively. One is to share kinds of machine precision tool vises, the other one is to share tool holders, collets, end mills and other machine tool accessories. Thank new and old customers for their active participation and support.

In order to facilitate more customers to understand and review the content of the live streams, you are welcome to review the two videos through the following links:

Precision Vises:

Machine Tool Accessories Tool Holders Collets, End mills:


We hope that we can provide more and better products and services to friends all over the world, so that everyone's business and work can be brought to the next level.

GT150A BT40-FMB22-60 NT-OZ

Summer is coming, wheat harvest is in sight. Various competitions are also actively preparing for the arrival of the Chinese Dragon Boat Festival. Our company Zhenghao Machinery will also carry out two live streams on Alibaba on June 23 and 26, so that new and old customers can experience the manufacturing process of precision clamping accessories in the factory personally, and also interact with our live broadcast personnel to understand the characteristics of various tool holders and collets products and the selection of various accessories such as wrenches, parallel blocks, pull studs, live centers, end mills and so on.

Welcome to participate in the interaction. May our partnership deepen and prosper. 


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