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Features of back pull tool holder and collets

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Features of back pull tool holder

Principle of back pull type tool holder: the tool is fixed and clamped by the back pull bobbin clamp and the back pull screw. Without nut, the locking of tool holder chuck is more convenient and stable. The utility model relates to a locking structure of a back pull type tool holder collet, which is characterized in that the tool holder is provided with an upper through hole and a lower through hole, between which are a connecting hole, a connecting bolt, which locks the backward pull collet, the hole wall of the connecting hole of the tool holder is provided with a ring groove, and the bolt head of the bolt is provided with a connecting expansion hole and an inner screw hole. Use the bolt to rotate, put the collet into the lower through hole of the tool holder and pull the collet after the bolt, and the tool is locked together.

The back pull tool holder is used to lock the tool with the tool rotating bolt. When the bolt locks the collet, the spherical surface of the steel ball is formed against the ring groove of the tool holder, so that the rotation of the locking force is more labor-saving, and the locking force can be increased, so that the collet can be locked better; The collet is equipped with uneven long and short slots to make the upper and lower half of the collet shrink more evenly, so as to achieve better workpiece clamping effect.



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