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How To Do Daily Maintenance For CNC Tool Holders

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How To Do Daily Maintenance For CNC Tool Holders

Why need to maintain a tool holder chuck 

In the process of daily customer on-site communication, it was found that some of the customer's tool holders have different degrees of rust. 

From the appearance point of view, the degree of rust is light and heavy, and the difference is obvious. Some tool holders have rust spots after 2-3 years of use,

 and it is also rusty after half a year, and even the brand trademark is almost impossible to recognize.

 er collet holder

A considerable part of this has a great relationship with our daily operating habits.

 For example, the most typical one is that there is an obvious rust stain on the grip of the tool holders. It should not be used to grasp the tool holders by hand, not to mention that it has not been maintained for a long time after grasping, thus it's no surprise that such rusting occurs.

 How to Maintain a tool holder collet chuck 

In fact, in order to ensure the accuracy of the tool holders, especially the tapered surface of the tool holders, it is not recommended to do anti-rust treatment. Therefore, we need to do our daily maintenance work. In fact, the anti-rust of the tool holders is very simple, as long as you pay more attention to care: wear gloves when you take it; use the air gun to blow the coolant when you remove the tool holders, to avoid residues in the slit or hole; then simply wipe with a soft cloth sprayed with anti-rust liquid. In addition, reasonable choice of coolant and timely grasp of the changes in its PH value will also help rust prevention.


The tool holders are as bright as new, the accuracy is generally kept very good, and the work efficiency and processing quality can naturally be guaranteed.


Let's start with the details, take good care of each other, do every little thing, reduce the bad hidden dangers caused by rust, and make the best use of it, so that we can truly achieve outstanding beauty and value for money.


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