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How to Choose Suitable Precision Modular Vise?

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How to Choose Suitable GT Precision Modular Vise?

As manufacturer of GT modular precision vises for more than 20 years. We always supply high quality GT precision modular vise to our customers.

Our GT modular vise are made of high quality alloy steel 20CrMnti, accuracy is 0.005mm.

GT precision modular vise size is from GT100 to GT300, different clamping needs different sizes and types.

How to choose suitable precision modular vices? There are three factors as following,

  1. workpiece size

    Different sizes workpiece should choose different sizes vices. With the parameter of the workpieces, we could choose the correct vise jaw width,

    max opening size, and the height of vice.

  2. machine mill size

    Our milling vises could be used for milling machine, grinding machine, cnc center, and other types machine.

    So the length and width of the machine worktable could help us to choose the suitable vise size.

  3. workpiece shape

    We have four types vise jaw types. First one is common type of flat jaw vise, second one is the v groove jaw vice, then the thread holes jaw vise.

    We could supply the vise jaw with grooves and thread holes together.

    If you clamp finished parts or steel part, you could choose flat jaw vices.

    If you clamp blank parts, v groove jaw vises will be good choice.

    The thread holes jaw vises could add the soft jaw to clamp aluminum workpieces.

If you want to know more about the information, you could watch the following video to see it clear.



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