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How to Choose Tool Holder for your machine center

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How to choose Tool Holders


As supplier of machine tools accessories, we Pingyuan Zhenghao Machinery offers a wide variety of shanks and tool holders with standard common to the market.

Tool holders are the interface between the machine spindle and the cutting tool. Although it has minor importance with regard to value when compared to a complete machining center, the tool holder is an important connection between the machine spindle and the cutting tool. Better tool holders with better performance could reach high efficiency.  The quality of the tool holder has a great influence on the results of the complete machining process.

So today let's see how to choose a tool holder for your machine center .


In the first part, let's see the tool holder composition:HSK factory

Usually Tool holder assembly is composed by four parts, pull stud, taper shank, flange plate and V-slot, clamping part.

We know pull stud is the connection of tool holder and spindle, clamping part is connection of tool holder and cutters.Firstly, let’s see the tool holder CLAMPING PART:

We offer a wide range of tool holder for various applications. Including collet chucks, mechanical milling chucks, hydraulic chucks, shrink fit holders, side lock end mill holders, shell mill adapters, and tapping chucks, boring tool holders, combi shell end mill holders...


Secondly and most importantly, let's see the Shank Categories:

According to standards, our tool holders include such series:

JIS Japanese standard B6399 MAS403L BT type

Germany standard traditional TYPE DIN2080 NT  DIN69871 SK TYPE  DIN69893 HSK TYPE

American standard ANSI B5.50 CAT TYPE

According to tapers, we have 7:24 taper BT SK NT, CAT and hollow 1:10   short-cone type HSK. HSK have A, B, C, D, E, F. A type is standard tool holder for machine center and milling machine. F type is used for high speed machining and woodworking machine.

The shank type, is usually selected by the machine tool manufacturer according to the effective power of the machine tool or the overall length of the cutting tool, and is also related to the country of production (DIN standard in Europe, ANSI standard in the United States, and JIS standard in Japan). Commonly used tool holder taper sizes are 30, 40, 50, of which 40 is the most widely used.

According to coolant type, the tool holder shank have

A type: without cooling supply
AD type: with center cooling supply, use pull stud with coolant hole
B type: with flange cooling type, take out the side screw, pull stud without coolant hole.

AD/B type: coolant with center cooling and flange cooling, take out the side screw, with coolant pull stud. The AD type and B type could transform.



Now, let’s go on to the second part, Tool holder characters

Tool holders influence the machining accuracy of machine tools and even product quality, so they demand high precision, with good quality and longer service life. The most important requirements for a tool holder, and the factors that influence the tool holder service life and service quality are

Taper tolerance ≤AT3. “AT” is an ANSI/ASME and ISO JIS standard that ranges from AT1 to AT11. The lower the number, the tighter the tolerance. To avoid compromising on speed to make up for poor taper interface, we should invest in holders with true AT3 or better taper tolerances. 

Hardness: HRC56-58 20CrMnTi with carbon depth 0.8±0.2mm   HRC48-52 40Cr

Max. Runout or concentricity: <0.005mm around 0.003mm. Concentricity is the relative accuracy with which a rotating tool aligns with the center line of the spindle. Deviation from spindle center line is commonly called runout. This runout is a core function of accuracy, also plays a key role in tool wear.

Balancing quality.. The tool dynamic

Enable the full potential of your machine tool with good cutting capacity and better surface finish. Protect your machine tool to reduce tool holder vibrations, lower wear of bearing, higher spindle lige time, control the production quality

Reduce machine cost by reduce down times and higher process reliability

Our balance could made according to your need, the standard precision is G6.3 12000RPM,and G2.5 20000RPM


 Consider elements of the entire tooling assembly, including the tool, holder and holder components, to optimize productivity, to cut faster of the whole tool assembly, we need to have better hardness, better runout accuracy tool holder, good balance qualit and holder systems with repeatable runout accuracy. Repeatable systems are those that do not have components that wear easily, such as collets or sleeves, and can impact runout accuracy after only a few months.


So that's what we talked today, how to choose tool holder for your machine, save money, and longer service life. Firstly, you should know the taper of tool holder, and what tools you want to realize to decide the cutter side. Then find tool holders with good balance, raw material and accuracy. 


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