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How to Produce CNC Tool Holder?

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How to Produce CNC Tool Holders?

As manufacturer, we supply different type CNC tool holders.

The taper parts are BT, SK, NT, CAT, ISO, HSK. With different cutter parts: ER, ERG, OZ, SK, SC, morse taper, APU, FMB, weldon, and tapping collet chuck.

In order to show how the tools holders are produced, we had a live stream on the tool holder production workshop to all our customers.

You could watch it by the following link,

As known to us, factory use milling machine, grinding machine and CNC machine center to produce tool holders.

Firstly, we used milling machine to make the tool holder raw material to the half finished products. 

This process will produce two parts of the tool holders.

Then, the tool holders will be made locking key, slot, srew holes on the CNC machine center.

After this process, we will send the tool holders to have head treatment.

111_副本tool holder3.1001

Then we will have precision grinding of the outside parts, the inner screws of the tool holders.

Before package, we will clean the tool holder body, make the balance and laser sizes and logo on the tool holders.

We supply high quality and high precision tool holders, any needs contact us freely!


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