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How to choose quick change tool post set

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How to choose quick change tool post set?

We supply kinds of quick change tool post set including American style, European Style, Italian style and English style.

How to select the correct size for your lathe?

1. The center height of the lathe(lathe swing)

It is the measurement taken from the bed to the center spindle, and the lathe swing is double the measured distance. And you can ask the lathe supplier for this data. It is the essential data.

2. The amount of height adjustment available(H dimension)

It is the measurement taken from the top of the compound slide with original toolpost removed to the lathe centerline. This is the most important data for selecting the proper toolpost of European style and Italian style models. To insure that there will be enough height adjustment so that the tools can be set on the center line, the H dimension must be within the MIN-MAX range of the tool post.

Pls note: The tool post may not perfectly fit the carriage of your lathe, because there are hundreds of types of lathe models and each of them has its own tee slot size so that the newly purchased tool post sometimes needs to be machined, mostly on the bottom plate, to fit your carriage.

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