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Zhenghao Precision Modular Vise Strong point

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Strong point of Zhenghao Precision Modular Vise

Hello everyone, today we will talk about the precision modular vise, and strong points of Precision modular vise from We Zhenghao Machinery.

A vise or vice is a mechanical device used to secure an object to allow work to be performed on it. Vises have two parallel jaws, one fixed and the other movable, threaded in and out by a screw and lever. There are many kinds of vises, mainly include woodworking vise, engineer’s vise, machine vise...微信图片_20210318145309

Precision modular vise is a kind of machine vise that have high precision, high quality raw material and longer service life used for work with high requirement of accuracy. Now let’s talk about its strong points one by one according to our factory products.

1. The GT vise use high quality raw material, 20CrMnti, after heat treatment, the vise hardness reach 58-62hrc, so it could use for very hard workpiece clamping.

2. All spare parts use this raw material, good quality

3. Good surface treatment, chamfer, mirror surface, blue label

4. All vise are made by CNC machine center, high accuracy, interchangeablility

5. Modular vise, interchangeable jaws, longer service life

6. It could also clamp workpiece with different shape and different raw material, because it jaw plates could be changed according to your need. The most common set is flat jaw plates, used for steel and precision workpiece. V groove jaw plates have higher friction, so it could be used for blanks. Thread hole type is used for install aluminum sot jaw plates, if you need to clamp workpeice very soft, such aluminum, or it has irregular shape, this type jaw plate is a good choice.

7. Max. Opening, clamping range from 100 to 600mm.

8. High accuracy. The vise body  vise jaws S P are within 0.005mm

9. Easy to install on worktable   we use position locating keys to install the vise, very easy. If you want to see the instruction, we have a video show to you. Welcome to contact us for the video

10. Two or more vise could be used together for large machine center and large workpiece. With accuracy within 0.02mm

11. One vise for multiple purpose, different holes on the vise, they are useful for larger piece...

12. Double clamping screws, higher clamping force.

13. Very good and safe packing, engrave your logo

14. In time delivery, most of them are in stock.

You know we Zhenghao Machinery is one of the largest leading manufacturer of precision GT Modular vise, our month production ability is 600 set. And the vise range from GT100X100 to GT300X600.

If you want to know more about our vise, welcome to contact me


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