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Why We Choose GT Modular Vise

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 Why We Choose GT Modular Vise


GT series modular vise are widely used in machine center and other precision machine tools. Why so many people choose this kind vise, why it is called precision modular vise? Today I will explain it for you.

GT modular vise characters 

Firstly, Our GT precision modular vise is produced of high quality alloyed steel: 20CrMnTi, with surface carburizing, the HRC is 58-62. The accuracy could keep within 0.005mm. Using high quality material and high standard producing process, the vises could maintain their accuaracy under the most severe operation conditions.

 GT modular vise applications

The movable jaw allows a fast and safety clamping for different kinds workpieces. It is easy to operate and clamp quickly.


People could use the vises not only for one set, but also for several. The vises can be matched side to side with the highest precision and minimum of szhenghao precision modualr vise et up times thanks to many fixed reference points. Also because of the same base height, and high precision, we could solve different problems in clamping with the use of more vises.


The modular design and the concept of inter-changeability make it possible for a wide variety of set up combination and solutions.


With GT precision modular vise, it makes workshop clamping easier and more efficient. So why not choose it for you? Let’s get moving, we promise to supply you high quality products and good sales service.



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